Why The Master Collections Trainer...

  • Raise Profits

    We pride ourselves in allowing our customers to be pushed to the next level! With our extensive history in the Accounts Receivable Management Industry, Compliance Regulations needs, Money Management and Wealth Creation processes, we GUARANTEE...if you use our strategies and suggestions you can't go wrong. We'll assist your company small or large in HITTING YOUR TARGET PROFIT MARGIN in excellence!

  • Time vs. Money

    What do you do when you need an enhanced collector to work your accounts receivable? Do you hire someone to come in and teach them, do you send them to a seminar, do you teach them yourself within your busy day? Balance your day and leave the training to us (VES, LLC). If they don't know much about collections by the time they complete our 8-16 hour course or individual chosen course they will collect for you the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

  • Premier Development

    This Master Collections 5 module Course has been carefully designed and will definitely get your Recovery Specialist to the next level. If you would like for the Master Collector to come into your organization to the teach a course(s), please don't hesitate to contact us or even click the link to Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC for more information.

Choose Your Desired Master Course Curriculum

There are different pricing options that might be valuable to you or your business dependent upon your goals/desired outcome.